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  • Organic Lavender Cream

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Lavender Cream, 25 compostable tea bags

    $12.00 Purchase
  • Organic London Fog

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic London Fog, 25 compostable tea bags

    $12.00 Purchase
  • Organic Masala Chai

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Masala Chai, 25 compostable bags

    $12.00 Purchase
  • organic fresh mint and chocolate

    Organic Mint Cacao Tea

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Peppermint

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Peppermint, 25 compostable bags

    $12.00 Purchase
  • Organic Pineapple Oolong

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Pink Grapefruit

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
  • Organic Single Estate Assam

    $12.00$48.00 Purchase
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1. Pure, all-natural ingredients

All our teas are guaranteed free from artificial additives or flavourings. They're also really really good (just saying). 

2. Money back guarantee

If for some reason you are not scouring the bag for every last tea leaf, we will be happy to issue a full refund on your box. We won’t even ask to see the evidence.

3. Member approved

We host bi-weekly tea parties where dozens of our members score the teas to decide who’s the best. We sometimes also wear funny hats, and we always drink with at least one pinky in the air.

With your Tea Sparrow subscription, you’ll receive 4 select teas each month: one black, one green, one rooibos and one herbal tea. You can choose between loose leaf and biodegradable tea bags and can even customize your box to receive only caffeinated or only herbal teas. You'll have more than enough tea for about 35 cups per month: more than enough to spread the love or completely hoard for yourself.