My cupboard is overflowing with tea!

Tea Sparrow is the perfect solution! We send you 4 sample-sized pouches of tea per month, just enough to know if you love it enough to buy more. Still have too much? That’s what friends are for.

How does the tea selection process work and who is involved?

We have two teams that jury the tea. Our in-house team first screens all tea samples we receive to ensure they contain nothing artificial. This means absolutely no artificial flavours or preservatives. We then bring the clean teas to our fabulous team of local Vancouver members and tea enthusiasts, where we sample them at bi-weekly tea parties. Each tea gets a score out of 10 by each participant and only those that receive 8.5/10 or higher by everyone at the tea party are approved to be included in your Tea Sparrow box.

How do I come to these exciting tea parties? 

We have all the latest information about upcoming tea parties in Vancouver in our weekly newsletter. Click here to sign up!

I’ve fallen in love with a tea in my tea box! How do I order more?

Each sample bag has the tea blender’s ordering information printed right on the pouch. We also provide the information on our website in our tea section. This allows you to contact the blender directly to purchase more.

I have allergies/really dislike certain teas/don’t drink caffeine. Is it possible to not receive these teas in my tea box?

Absolutely! When you sign up, on the Billing Details page, there is a space for ‘Order Notes.’ Please feel free to let us know there, or send us an email once you’ve completed your sign-up and we’ll be happy to customize your box.

What is your return policy?

If after receiving your first tea box you are not totally satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund and close your account.

What happens if I don’t receive my tea box?

If you have not received your tea box by the 1st of the following month, please let us know: [email protected].  We have the ability to track our packages, so if your package is delivered but not received, or if it gets lost in transit, we will try again or refund the purchase.


Can I order more of a specific blend through the Tea Sparrow website?

We do not sell individual loose leaf teas through our site. We’re passionate about helping our members discover the world of tea, so we focus our energy exclusively on putting together the best tea box possible every month.

Can I partake in the Tea Sparrow community without subscribing to the Tea Box?

Absolutely, just sign-up to join in the discussions.

I am a tea blender and would like to get involved, how do I go about it?

Awesome! Please contact us and we’ll send you all the information to get started.