Walnut Green cold brew infusion

Aromatica’s Walnut Green Tea is bursting with flavour:
distinct coconut, sencha tea and well, walnuts. Cold brewing it is not only
easy, it brings out all the flavour without any bitterness.

Here are our instructions for cold-brewing.

Another way we like to enjoy this tea is by making it into a
concentrated infusion that imparts all the beautiful flavours into whatever you’re

Here’s how to do it:


2 tbs loose-leaf Walnut Green Tea

3 tbs sugar (or honey)


Mix 2 tbs loose-leaf Walnut Green Tea with 1 cup of water
and 3 tbs of sugar or honey in a jar. Shake well and place it in your fridge.
Go back and shake it whenever you think of it, ideally every 2 hours or so. You
can leave it anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks, depending on how strong you
like it. (Michael wanted me to mention that if you leave it for 2 weeks, you
obviously don’t have to shake it every 2 hours.) 😆

Once it’s done brewing, strain the leaves and pour the
infusion into another jar. Michael loves it in martinis, but it would also be
great poured on ice cream, in drinks, baking, whatever you like! Enjoy!