Ginger Pu-erh Old Fashioned

The world of infusing alcohol with tea is yours for the
taking! We used 2 tbs of Rishi’s Ginger Pu-erh to 1 cup of bourbon and left it
for 12 hours to infuse at room temperate, because we love flavour. Feel free to
play with the amount and times to suit your tea-infused
alcohol preferences.

Here’s the recipe (adapted from Serious Eats):


For the Pu-erh infused Bourbon:

8 ounces Four Roses bourbon

2 tbs loose-leaf Rishi Ginger Pu-erh tea

For the Ginger Pu-erh Old-Fashioned:

½ tsp sugar

3 dashes Angostura bitters

a few drops of water

2 ounces Pu-erh infused bourbon

lemon twist, for garnish (optional)


For the Pu-erh infused bourbon: Combine the tea
and bourbon and cover the jar. Let steep at room temperature for 12 hours or
more, shaking every 24 hours if you chose to be that adventurous.  Strain the tea leaves and discard. Store infused
bourbon in a sealed jar.

For the Ginger Pu-erh Old Fashioned: Put the
sugar in a glass and add the bitters. Add just enough water to saturate the
sugar and muddle the mixture until the sugar is dissolved (we use the end of a
wooden spoon handle for this). Add the bourbon and top with ice. Stir 10
seconds to chill and combine. Garnish with a lemon twist if desired. Enjoy!