June’s Tea Box

This month’s box is dedicated to the dads. Mount Kenya Estate, our black tea from Justea, is an exquisite, creamy and rich single-estate, artisanal black tea grown and harvested by Kenyan farmers (and dads)! We were surprised to find that it also tastes incredible iced! This month’s green is Morning Spirit, a sencha blend from Tea Desire with rose and sunflower blossoms. This is only the second sencha blend we have approved this year, and we have tried many! It’s a clean, flavourful cup that has earned its place in our Father’s Day box. Rishi’s Ginger Lime Rooibos is flavourful, fun and packed with all kinds of nutritious ingredients. Dads, we are looking out for your health too! Drink this tea hot or iced to reap the benefits. Finally, another tea from Tea Desire: Maracuja Orange! This tea will make your whole kitchen smell amazing. While we love it hot, it is absolutely delectable iced! We encourage you to drink this tea on ice while barbecuing, doing the crossword, washing your Mustang or anything else you enjoy doing on Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day and happy iced tea sipping!

Morning Spirit

Description: A wonderful and dry green tea with a gentle mango-bergamot flavour that complements the tea great.

Ingredients: Sencha green tea, rose flower, sunflower blossoms, and natural flavour.

Jenny, “It’s a summer blossom shower dancing on the tip of your tongue.”

Mount Kenya Estate

Description: A sip of our Kenya black tea transports you to the lush, rolling green hills of Mount Kenya. This tea is fresh, malty, and smooth, but packs a serious hit of flavor. Sweet and complex on its own but equally superb with a splash of milk and honey to start the day off right!

Ingredients: Mount Kenyan Black Tea.

Michael, “Bright, tart and rich. A perfect Kenyan black.”

Organic Ginger Lime Rooibos

Description: The dry and pleasantly flavored West Indian Lime variety gives our Organic Ginger Lime Rooibos a unique and zesty citrus flavor with notes of ginger and rare spices. The brilliant turmeric yellow and orange infusion glows in the cup and has wonderfully refreshing notes of tropical fruits and spices.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified™ green rooibos, Organic ginger, Organic lemongrass, Organic lemon myrtle, Organic licorice root and natural essential oils of lime and tangerine.

Jane, “Smells excellent – the ginger notes balance well against the citrus aromas and the suggestions of the liquorice – wonderful, heady, and seductive.”

Maracuja Orange

Description: An alive taste of exotic passion fruit and tangy orange. Incredible served hot, but unbelievable served cold!

Ingredients: Apple pieces, pumpkin, carrot, raisins, orange pieces, beetroot, orange peel, and natural aroma.

Michael, “The perfect citrus iced tea. An outstanding 10/10!”