July’s Tea Box

‘Tis the month for icing teas! We hope everyone who joined us at the Iced Tea-Off had a blast. Two of this month’s teas, Ginger Peach from the Tea Spot and Strawberry Mint from Herbal Republic, were featured at the Iced Tea-Off were met with high scores and happy sippers. Try them hot (if you’re one of those hot tea fanatics who can handle hot tea in this weather, or perhaps live in the North Pole?) or iced! Check out our newsletter for an in-depth explanation on how to cold-brew tea. Silver Service’s Quince Green is the green tea this month, a surprisingly delicious and well-balanced combination that uses sencha and fruit pieces. The rooibos this month is Aromatica’s Vanilla Honeybush – we were actually shocked when we cold-brewed it at how tasty it is iced! However you enjoy your teas, we hope you do, and that you’re having a wonderful summer. Happy sipping!

Aromatica’s Vanilla Honeybush

Description: Smooth aromatic vanilla caramel flavour. Delicious hot or as an iced tea.

Ingredients: Honeybush, natural vanilla flavour, vanilla bits

Jenny, “Mellow. Sweet. Gold.”

Herbal Republic’s Strawberry Mint

Description: Winning the hearts of strawberry tea drinkers everywhere, this herbal infusion is the perfect balance between earthiness and berry fun. A beautiful, clean drinking experience!

Ingredients: Apple bits, haricot bean peels, stinging nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, black current leaves, nana mint, natural flavours, and strawberry bits.

Michael, “Amazing!! The first all natural strawberry tea that absolutely delivers the berry goodness.”

Tea Spot’s Iced Ginger Peach Tea

Description: Our rendition of America’s favorite flavored black tea is an elegant and authentic twist on the conventional. We handcraft this tea on a premium blend of two full leaf black teas, which provide the perfect balance to the real organic ginger root. Absolutely fabulous served over ice!

Ingredients: Black tea, organic ginger root, and peach flavoring.

Zeta, “The ginger is fresh and alive, dancing on my tongue.”

Silver Service’s Quince Green

Description: This is one of our top rated iced green teas. A whole leaf sencha green tea that’s decorated with cornflower and mallow flower, and is flavored with quince fruit. Wonderfully refreshing!

Ingredients: Sencha, cornflowers, mallow flower and quince fruit.

Zeta, “That was one of the best iced teas I have ever had.”