October’s Teas

Autumn always reminds me of coconuts, lavender and roses. Something about the cold northern air. OK, we are featuring one particularly fall-themed tea: Aromatica’s nut crunch rooibos, a green rooibos and green homeybush tea with apple pieces, raisins and hazelnut pieces. Ditch the pumpkin-spiced lattes and drink this tea to warm your nesting autumn soul. The rest of this month’s teas are just awesome. You lucky members get one of our absolute favourites: Tea Spot’s Coconut Milky Oolong, creamy, coconutty and delicious. The oolong leaves are actually hand-rolled above steaming milk so that they’re infused with the milkiness but still safe for lactose intolerant tea drinkers! Not to be downplayed by Milky Oolong’s big personality, Numi’s Organic White Rose is delicately floral and sweet. Finally, Bird Pick’s Tranquili-Tea (in our home, we like to pronounce it Tranquilité and we recommend you do the same) takes your sleep-inducing bagged chamomile tea and gives it a run for its money. This is one incredible cup of chamomile! So sit back, enjoy watching the falling leaves you will soon have to rake, and happy sipping.

Nut Crunch Rooibos

Description: This tea is deliciously divine. The green rooibos, fruit pieces and hazelnut crunch make this the perfect seasonal blend. With a dash of milk you have warm apple pie à la mode in a cup.

Ingredients: Green honeybush, green rooibos, apple pieces, raisins, flavor and hazelnut pieces.

Health Benefits: This incredibly flavoured caffeine-free tea is growing quickly in popularity but did you know that it also contains high amounts of antioxidants? Although the antioxidants found in rooibos tea are different from those in green tea, they are still known to fight off free radicals in the body. Rooibos tea is also known to fight off cardiovascular disease, liver disease and lower blood pressure.

Jenny, “Rich and silky, this tea is deliciously divine.”

Coconut Milky Oolong

Description: One cannot forget this incomparable tea. Our Taiwanese Milky Oolong has a smooth yet fruity and creamy taste. It is blended with roasted coconut to create a delicate and calming experience. If you love sweet coconut, this is your tea! Discover this guiltless dessert for the holidays. Simply extraordinary.

Ingredients: A blend of Chinese Milk Oolongs and pure shaved coconut.

Health Benefits: This tea, known in China as ‘black dragon tea,’ boasts many health benefits such as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, aiding in weight loss, maintaining healthy teeth and bones, as well as reducing stress and promoting healthy skin.

Jenny, “Rich and juicy, delicate and buttery dessert. A luscious joyful can’t put it down summer drink.”

Organic White Rose

Description: Our enchanted White Rose blends the smoothness of delicate, organic white tea with whole organic rose buds. This sweet and fragrant liaison is as provocative as it is healthy.

Ingredients: Fair trade certified organic white tea and organic rose.

Health Benefits: Because the white tea leaves are virtually undisturbed from their natural state when they are picked, they maintain a higher amount of antioxidants than their cousins, green and black teas. Some other interesting facts about white tea: it helps promote dental health as well as building a stronger immune system.

Darcy, “Light and lovely. I could drink this all day. So refreshing!”


Description: Tranquili-Tea is a harmony of lavender, chamomile and mint leaves that offers an herbal combination known to soothe and calm the body. Best consumed before bedtime, this tea has a delightfully melody of sweet floral flavors and minty undertones that truly appeases one’s senses.

Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender and Mint.

Health Benefits: Chamomile throughout the ages has been regarded as a medicinal cure-all. It was considered a universal remedy by the ancient Egyptians, and the Romans and Greeks used chamomile flowers as a compress to apply to wounds to speed healing. It’s no wonder that modern medicine has been able to find so many additional health benefits to this flower as a tea. Here are but a few: chamomile tea boosts the immune system and fight infections associated with colds. It also helps relieve muscle spasms and menstrual cramps, relaxes the nerves, soothes the stomach, reduces inflammation, improves liver function, helps relieve back pain and rheumatism and is most well-known as a sleep aid.

Jenny, “The mint blended in adds such a twist. The lavender blends harmoniously too. Mellow, soothing, enjoyable; a definite yes for all chamomile lovers.”