Nandi Hills black tea

We hope you are enjoying this new tea from Justea, picked in Nandi Hills, Kenya! Here’s some fun facts about this tea.

Brewing Suggestions:
• Water: 205°F (this is very important!)
• Tea: 1 heaping tbs per 8 oz of water.
• Infusion: 3 Minutes. Steeps 2 infusions (2nd infusion may require longer
steep time and slightly warmer water).


This tea is grown by Jacob (father) & Boaz Katah (son) in Nandi Hills, 6,700 ft above sea level. It is the highest elevation of tea gardens in Africa! The tea leaves are carefully hand-plucked, 2 leaves and a bud.

No pesticides are ever used on any of Justea’s teas. Not all
farmers use fertilizer, but if they do, they only use fertilizers for the soil
twice a year. It is the common tea fertilizer NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous
and Potassium). Although this is just a small application of fertilizer
(especially in comparison to tea grown in India and China), they have been
working with the farmers to move to fully organic, but it is a 3 year process
for organic certification.

Tasting Notes:

This black tea is very unique for the Kenyan market. Unlike traditional Kenyan
black teas, this tea lacks any bitterness and should be enjoyed without milk and
sugar (although Michael still takes milk and honey with his). It is full bodied and contains notes of grilled zucchini and walnuts! An excellent sipper with low tannins and a silky finish.

Justea’s Kenyan Tea Story:
All of Justea’s artisanal Kenyan teas (Purple, Green, Oolong, Nandi Hills Black) are:
• Farmer Family Direct and ethical trade, full transparency from garden to cup
• Very unique and rare to the Kenya/World market
• Not available from any other factory or garden in Kenya
• Superior Whole Leaf Grade, unlike 99% of Kenyan teas which are CTC
• Hand Plucked from highest elevation tea gardens
• Small Batch processed