March’s Teas – 2012

The blenders we have had the opportunity to work with so far have delighted my senses with their creativity and expertise. The ingredients and blending techniques have been a source of surprise for me and I am always anticipating the next new cup. I am looking forward to sharing with you our favourite loose leaf blends.

Zeta Newis, Tea Sparrow Family

Rishi’s Blueberry Rooibos

African rooibos and real, wild blueberries in perfect balance provide tart, juicy and naturally sweet flavors that taste great, hot or iced. Blueberry Rooibos is artfully hand-blended in small batches using only 100% naturally caffeine-free botanicals and artisan herbal tea-blending techniques.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Certified™ rooibos, Organic blueberries, Organic schizandra berries, Organic Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus, natural flavors of blueberry and strawberry.

Jenny Dent, Tea Enthusiast – “Blueberry Paradise. Sweet, iron berry, earthy, tart, goodness. This herbal tea has it all.”

T-Bud’s Caspian Rose

An aromatic blend inspired from the Caspian region which combines pistachio, ginger, rose and cloves to create a carnival burst of flavours reminiscent of a rich seasonal cake.

Ingredients: Black tea, pistachios, ginger root, rose petals, cloves and natural flavours.

Zeta Newis, Tea Sparrow Family – “So floral and calming. Like a marzipan cookie with roses. Just beautiful.”

Joy’s Teaspoon Earl Grey

In 1833, Earl Grey suspended the price monopoly which the East India Company had over the tea trade with China.  The originally pure Chinese tea was lightly flavored with bergamot oil.  This additional fragrance, provided by the Chinese, was intended to protect the tea from the taste of mold and tar which could arise from the long voyage at sea to royal England.  Now, you’ve learned a little something! 

Ingredients: Black tea, natural bergamot flavoring.

Jenny Dent, Tea Enthusiast  – “Ecstasy with milk and honey. Uplifting black soul-fire tea.”

The Gathering Place’s Organic Chai Rooibos

Description: A unique blend of Rooibos and six organic spices produces a calming, naturally caffeine free tea. Hand blended on Cortes Island in small batches with the freshest ingredients.

Ingredients: Rooibos Tea, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, cardamom, cloves and black pepper.

Jenny Dent, Tea Enthusiast  – “Fantastic ginger delicious herbal chai. Add milk and sugar, the best decaf chai I’ve ever tasted.”

Aromatica’s Treasures of Japan

Description: This tea, which is a blend of five elite Japanese green teas, was traditionally served to honour guests.

Ingredients: Sencha, Bencha, GenMai, Cha, Kukicha, Gyokuru, strawberry pieces, red currents.

Darcy McMurray, Tea Enthusiast  – “I love this tea, rich in flavour without too much tannins. The flavour is complex and elegant, lasts on my tongue. Yummy!”