July’s Teas

This month’s box is a pretty special one for us, as Ariella and I got married just 5 days ago. It was hands-down the most joyous and festive day of our lives as we celebrated with family, friends and Rishi’s Iced Blueberry Rooibos and Earl Grey Supreme. To commemorate this special event, this month we feature Tea Spot’s White Wedding Tea. It’s one of our favourites and it seemed like an appropriate choice. J We finish off the box with Mighty Leaf’s Lychee Tea, sweet and smoky; Joy’s Teaspoon’s Lemon Zest, creamy and rich; and Tiesta’s Citrus Sunburst, lively and fun. Which describes my wife perfectly in a nutshell! Enjoy your teas and happy summer.

Michael Menashy, Tea Sparrow Family

White Wedding Tea

Description: White Wedding Tea is a celebration of fresh white tea leaves & caramel notes of roasted chestnut. A sweet bouquet & tiny white flowers adorn this full leaf white tea. These Bai Yun tea leaves impart a great body & flavor which lasts over multiple infusions.

Ingredients: White tea, jasmine flowers and roasted chestnut flavoring.

Health Benefits: Because the white tea leaves are virtually undisturbed from their natural state when they are picked, they maintain a higher amount of antioxidants than their cousins, green and black teas. Some other interesting facts about white tea: it helps promote dental health as well as building a stronger immune system.

Jenny, “Rich chestnut, autumn heaven sunshine. It’s a marriage of caramel and bliss.”

Citrus Sunburst

Description: Its glow is similar to the setting sun over an island paradise. Burning with colors of deep orange, thick reds and bright yellows. Feel like your feet are in the sand and the beach island wind is in your hair.

Ingredients: Papaya cubes, mango bits, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, orange slices, pomegranate arils, and safflowers.

Health Benefits: The phrase “herbal tea” or “tisanes” usually refers to infusions of fruit or herbs made without the tea plant. Regarding their benefits, apart from being the perfect refreshment on hot summer days, they are also packed with vitamin C. So it’s a great way to get your vitamin C without having to eat all the sugars that come with whole fruits.

Darcy, “The perfect balance of citrus and hibiscus. Fruity, fun and bright.”

Lychee Tea

Description: Lychee black tea from China is scented with exotic lychee fruit that yields a full-bodied, sweet and slightly fruity cup. The unique perfumed flavour of the lychee fruit paired with fine China black tea results in a distinct uplifting taste.

Ingredients: Black Tea and Lychee Fruit

Health Benefits: Most people don’t realize black tea comes with many of the similar health benefits as green tea, including reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, among many others. As well, black tea is said to increase energy, aid in digestive health and to promote healthy skin and hair. Black tea’s tannins are also great immunity-boosters.

Michael, “The perfect cup of black tea! The Lychee lightly sweetens this slightly smoky black tea. Love it!”

Lemon Zest

Description: Now we realize that many people add a bit of lemon to their tea, but with Lemon Zest, hold the wedge! This tea boasts a creamy, lemon flavor sure to satisfy both your hot and iced tea needs! Naturally caffeine free.

Ingredients: Rooibos, honeybush, lemon bits, flavoring, cornflower blossoms.

Health Benefits: This incredibly flavoured caffeine-free tea is growing quickly in popularity but did you know that it also contains high amounts of antioxidants? Although the antioxidants found in rooibos tea are different from those in green tea, they are still known to fight off free radicals in the body. Rooibos tea is also known to fight off cardiovascular disease, liver disease and lower blood pressure.

Michael, “Hands down the best lemon tea I’ve tried.”