4th Tea Party

Yes there was a third, just no photographer.

01 Today’s exciting line up includes: Aromatica, Elixo, Hawaii Select, Herbal Republic, T-Buds and Teatulia.

02 Zeta starts out by grouping the teas and getting it ready for the first round.

03 A bit of teamwork gets the party moving.

04 Darcy admires the combination in T-Buds’ Caspian Rose. A mix of black tea, pistachios, cloves and rose petals.

05 While Darcy admires it, I’m absolutely enjoying it.

06 Teatulia’s Lemongrass has a naturally clear colour, with an incredible aroma.

07 Jenny finds love in Herbal Republic’s Holy Tulsi…as we all do.

08 Getting the grade. Darcy is not a big fan of Tulsi teas but this one is great.