16th Tea Party

A relaxing Sunday afternoon brought together friends new and old for a pure tea brew-off. We had collected a series of non-blended teas that put the flavours of different tea-growing countries and farmers head-to-head. We brewed leaves grown in Kenya, China, India and Sri-Lanka, and although they shared the same plant, the flavours were so beautifully unique.

1. At the round table we waited for the first set of tea. Jenny was on duty making us the perfect brew.

2. This round we sampled White Whisper, Hand-crafted Purple Tea and Royal Golden Safari from the Royal Teas of Kenya.

3. Jenny removed the last tea basket and gave the tea one last stir to bring the nutrient clouds from the bottom up.

4. The white tea brewed into a semi-clear liquor and left a gentle flavour on your tongue long after the sip was complete while the green tea was smooth and even flavored from the moment it touched your lips to the last sip. But the purple tea was fantastic and hit your pallet from front to back. It had the sweetness of red bean but the richness of a pinot noir. The purple inspired 9/10 at the round table.

5. Welcome Tea Sparrow member Ilan Handelsman to his first tea party. An intellect and wonderful conversationalist, he brought a new dimension to our tea parties and scoring cards.

6. Mountain Tea’s Jin Xuan brewed beside Rishi’s China Breakfast and Harney & Sons’ Kukicha. The Kukicha had a nutty, fermented taste that ended with a hit of plum. Jin Xyan was a beautiful flavour that was surprisingly floral and the China Black was smoky heaven that would perk up your morning.

7. Although the Kukicha did not receive a combined score high enough to make it into a tea kit, the bright green hearty strips of tea created a lot of intrigue and conversation.

8. Welcome Tea Sparrow member Laura to her first Tea Party. With a flair for drama and creativity, she spurred a lot of incredible conversation and fun at the round table.

9. The last round broke the trend and brought some blended tea to the party with Regal’s Ceylon Cinnamon and Aromatica’s Strawberry Kiwi.

10. Michelle got lost in the bliss of Ceylon Cinnamon as only the cinnamon trees of Sri-Lanka can deliver.